Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well today went well. they are both eating and using the bathroom. im also looking into vet prices on male rat neuters in case for the future. if anyone knows places please do tell me in the ottawa/hull,ontario area.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

end of the day

Well it is end of day one with babies here with me and so far so good. It is looking up for them. Today we got a free heating pad to put under the box and all so that's doing well the temp is staying at about 80 degrees F or 26 degrees C. (if i put the pad higher it will heat too much).

As soon as i can get the picture's up of them milking i will.

Also looking more into baby rats and such those guys to me look about 7 to 9 days old. The hair on them is very visible right now.also looking at other baby pictures in the book "rats practical,accurate advice from the expert" by Debbie Ducommun there is a picture of a 5 day old baby rat with almost no hair just a bit of spikes like.

till tomorrow.

the weight on them is:
girl:10.72 grams
boy:12.15 grams

milk feeding

well i found that i had a kit of dri-tail for hamsters laying around in home so i got the eye dropper witch is pretty small and works well. i also put a cap at the end of it to make it smaller so the babies get the milk better(the cap comes from a soft claws kit)

and so far milk is getting into both babies and doing well on it.

story on those little babies

Hello well yesterday(oct 28,2002) I adopted two, 1 week old baby rats in hopes I will save them.
The story on them is that the owner gave them to his/her next door neighbor, saying to do anything they wished with them :o so the next door neighbor posted them for free as feeders and I saw it and emailed them. Once I met the person I asked about the mother, well the mother lives in a garage(and not sure about the father nether) and the original owner of the babies did not want them at all. So I asked if I can have the mother too and that person said well she does not think so and he might ask for quite a bit of money(said hes the type of guy to ask money for everything) so off I went we the babies.

weight when got them is:
girl:11.31 grams
boy:12.95 grams