Wednesday, October 29, 2008

story on those little babies

Hello well yesterday(oct 28,2002) I adopted two, 1 week old baby rats in hopes I will save them.
The story on them is that the owner gave them to his/her next door neighbor, saying to do anything they wished with them :o so the next door neighbor posted them for free as feeders and I saw it and emailed them. Once I met the person I asked about the mother, well the mother lives in a garage(and not sure about the father nether) and the original owner of the babies did not want them at all. So I asked if I can have the mother too and that person said well she does not think so and he might ask for quite a bit of money(said hes the type of guy to ask money for everything) so off I went we the babies.

weight when got them is:
girl:11.31 grams
boy:12.95 grams